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How very different from some years ago when he said: ‘I like to juggle with one ball at a time.Then I put the ball down and do nothing for extended periods of time.’But slowly, during their three-year relationship, RADA-trained actress Ms Ford has introduced Atkinson to her social circle, which includes many of British comedy’s new generation of bright young things.His passions were mechanical — chiefly lorries — and he dreamed of running a haulage firm.Atkinson told an interviewer: ‘I’ve always been a loner, and driving a lorry is a loner’s dream.’He took a degree in electrical engineering at Newcastle University, gaining the highest marks in his year, and then studied for a Master of Science at Oxford.

His biographer says he found it ‘unbearable’ and would ‘run away’ rather than chat to fans.Headmaster Canon John Grove said that Rowan was ‘very shy’.Indeed, the actor’s biographer, Bruce Dessau, says Atkinson was so nerdy that he didn’t have girlfriends until he was well into his 20s.Divorced from wife Sunetra Sastry, who was devastated when he fell for a much younger woman, the Mr Bean star and his lover divide their time between a spectacular ultra-modern house in the Cotswolds and a charming cottage in Hampstead, North London.Famed for working very sparingly, it is notable that recently he has been happy to take on a lot of lucrative film and TV work, such as Johnny English 3, a sequel to his successful spoof spy series.

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Raised on a 400-acre farm in Durham, Rowan is the youngest of three brothers and their childhood was spent tinkering with cars and other boyish pursuits.

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